What are the benefits of having an account?

If you have an account, you will be able to

  •  track your order
  • enjoy future exclusive discounts.

If you make a purchase as a guest, please give a usable email and phone number (optional) as requested at the checkout. This is so that you can receive your order number and so that we can contact you.

For the time being, only selected products are displayed on our website. If you are unable to find your desired product, please send an enquiry at or call us at (+65) 6745 4111.

Users are not able to deactive their accounts on their own. If you would like to deactivate your account, please let us know so that we can deactivate it for you.

You can use the "Forgot Password" function to retrieve it.

In the event that you forgot both the email and password, you can contact us to share your info so we can reset or change the password and/or information.


We currently accept PayNow and Bank Transfer.

Shipping & Returns

Our services only extends to Sinagpore. We will not ship to places overseas.

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