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RO 150

Gear-Driven Eccentric Sander Rotex RO 150

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  • Description
  • Product Description

    The original 3-in-1 principle with powerful machine concept.
    • Three tools in one for coarse sanding, fine sanding and polishing
    • FastFix sanding pad system, tool-less
    • Eccentric motion for high-quality, scratch-free surfaces
    • Sanding up to the edge thanks to the Festool PROTECTOR
    • Ideal ergonomic grip positions
    • ROTEX rotary motion for efficient material removal

    Main areas of use
    • Sanding off old paint and varnish
    • Sanding wooden materials
    • Renovation work such as sanding steps
    • Sanding and polishing mineral materials
    • Preliminary and coarse sanding of repair compound
    • Hologram-free polishing