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NVZ 00

NVZ 00 Strainer

Finixa standard nylon paint strainers 190µm – 4 x 250p. in a box

  • Description
  • Product Description

    ▪ Finixa premium and standard quality available:

    1.Paint strainers coarse (280μm) color code GREEN.
    2.Paint strainers fine (190μm) color code RED.
    3.Paint strainers extra fine (125μm) color code BLUE.

    ▪ Each available in 3 different sizes (packaging) 4x250p., 250p. or 100p.
    ▪ Also available in 226μm en 400μm.
    ▪ Paint strainers are suitable for use in combination with solvent based and water based paints.
    ▪ Perfect nylon grid.
    ▪ Accurate filtering.
    ▪ No equal on the market!