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Maraswitch MSW

• Solvent-based, satin-gloss ink
• Very easy to work with and does not clog the mesh screen
• Highly fl exible ink fi lm for fi nishing processes such as die-cutting or embossing

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  • Product Description

    Electronic switches and controls must work reliably, be easy to use, and be insensitive to dirt or dampness. They come in all shapes and sizes, creating infinite design possibilities. Marabu not only offers inks specially designed for membrane switches, we are one of the few specialists to deliver end-to-end expertise – covering inks, adhesives, membranes, films, and production processes. Standard or state-of-the-art?

    When manufacturing membrane switches, all individual elements – inks, films, and adhesives – must work in harmony to prevent adverse reactions. With our extensive experience as an ink supplier and our comprehensive know-how when it comes to materials and processes, we are at the forefront of innovative developments such as UV-curable ink systems.