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Libramatt LIM

• Matt solvent-based ink
• High opacity and outstanding printability
• Excellent performance in climatic chamber tests
• We recommend Maraswitch MSV for 3D applications

  • Description
  • Product Description

    When buying a car, customers scrutinise every last detail – particularly when it comes to design. And as consumers become more discerning and quality and safety regulations become stricter, screen printing inks and processes must rise to the challenge.

    Automotive applications place high demands on printing inks: they must be resistant to extreme climatic chamber
    tests; must be highly opaque; exhibit resistance to sweat, abrasion, and cleaning products; and adhere well to polycarbonate. Marabu offers the perfect solutions to these challenges whether for 2D or 3D parts.

    In-mould decoration: demanding yet versatile Coloured injection-moulded components featuring
    scratch and abrasion-proof designs have become part of our everyday life. The in-mould decoration process
    is the perfect solution for creating these visuals, but this complex technology demands an exceptional ink: one that combines maximum elasticity with high resistance to temperature extremes.