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AGC 20-40

Finixa Automatic Gun Cleaner

  • Description
  • Product Description

    ▪ To be used in combination with cellulose thinner to clean solvent paint guns or BTC 80, to clean water based paint guns.
    ▪ Equipped with a brush for pre-cleaning.
    ▪ Possible after cleaning with clean material / air mixture.
    ▪ Stainless steel.
    ▪ Easy assembly, easy to maintain and to operate.
    ▪ Volumes and pressure can easily be set on the front panel.
    ▪ Dimensions outside (max.):1400mm high x 560mm wide x 410mm deep.
    ▪ Automatic venturi for suction during opening is standard.
    ▪ Optional available with fully automatic after clean rinsing.