term papers writing Hiap Huat Paint Co. started its humble beginnings as a simple paint shop in 1973. Over the years it ventured into industrial products & explored overseas market. It is Singapore SME trading in paints, screen & pad printing materials & equipment and spray painting equipment for the industries in Singapore & the region. Hiap Huat Paints Co. has branch office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the name of Chengdu Enterprise Sdn Bhd to meet the needs of our customer in Malaysia.

The products we carry are paint, inks, mesh, emulsion, adhesives, squeegee rubbers, screen & pad printing machines, stencil making equipment and spray guns.

Our company believes in providing valve added services to our customers. We provide color matching, ink & paint
blending, stencil making, storage and transport services.


在这些年, 它从一个简单的油漆店成为一个在东南亚售卖墨, 涂料, 化液于工業产品.

協發化液工業公司是在1978年成立, 售卖粉末涂料于涂装设备.